Hull City Council is exploring further options for it district heat project.
Hull City Council is exploring further options for it district heat project.

Cabinet approves district heat project to move forward

Hull City Council’s Cabinet has given the go ahead to the Hull District Heat Network (HDHN), the council’s long-term, cost-saving energy supply project.

The decision means the council will form a Limited Liability Company (LLC) to manage HDHN.

There are a range of benefits for both the city and the council as the project progresses, including supplying reliable and affordable low-carbon heating.

Alongside this, the company will also create local jobs by employing specialist, skilled workers to ensure HDHN operates efficiently, protecting both the council and customers in the long-term by ensuring a reliable and resilient long-term supply of locally sourced low carbon heat and reducing dependence on fossil fuel.

The LLC will be regulated by Ofgem to ensure it is fully compliant with the latest guidelines.

The Hull District Heat Network is just one of the ambitious projects delivered by the council as it carries out its 2030 Carbon Neutral Strategy and reaffirms the council’s commitment to addressing climate change.

The next phase of HDHN will feature stakeholder engagement through the winter which will begin shortly.

In February 2024, the project’s Full Business Case will be presented, showcasing how the district heat network will make its way to consumers through underground pipes.

It will also detail how each phase will progress and how it will save both the council, and therefore Hull taxpayers, money long-term.

Cllr Jack Haines, the council’s portfolio holder for communities and climate change, said: “This is a project that has fantastic potential and can now be pushed forward.

“Unlike the government nationally, Hull City Council is absolutely committed to ensuring it remains a leading authority when it comes to tackling climate change.

“We are aware first-hand of the effects in can have on our city and it is important we sustain our long-term future, both environmentally and financially.

“At a time when so many people are struggling with the cost-of-living crisis, this is another example of how the council will support them.”

More information is available on HDHN here.

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