The image is of the Lord Mayor and Councillor Tock alongside the long serving foster carers. Everyone is smiling.
Hull's longest serving foster carers joined the The Lord Mayor of Kingston upon Hull and Admiral of the Humber, Councillor Kalvin Neal and Councillor Tock to celebrate their long service.

Hull’s longest serving foster carers honoured

Seven of Hull’s longest serving foster carers attended a lunch with the Lord Mayor of Kingston Upon Hull and Admiral of the Humber Kalvin Neal and Councillor Linda Tock, in recognition of their long service to children and young people in care.

Foster carers were also presented with medals at the lunch, which took place today (Thursday 9 November).

All the foster carers have fostered for a massive combined total of 279 years, with all of them having been fostering for at least 30 years each.

Clive, who has fostered with his wife Janice for 41 years said: “It’s really good to be recognised for what we’ve done for all these years. Thank you to Councillor Tock for organising it.

“Since I started fostering, everything has moved on. There’s a lot more now for the kids than there’s ever been and that’s credit to Hull Fostering. I’ve been fostering for 41 years, will we ever leave? Probably not! If anybody said to me ‘if you could go back, would you start it again?’ I would. It gets in your blood – it’s caring. I never thought I’d do it when I was younger!”

Councillor Linda Tock, the portfolio holder for Children’s Services at Hull City Council said: “It’s wonderful to meet some of our longest serving foster carers and show our appreciation for the love and care they have given over their many years of incredible service.

“Fostering offers the incredible opportunity to really make a difference in a young person’s life, offering them a safe and stable home so they get the chance to thrive and fulfil their potential. It’s a uniquely rewarding and fulfilling role and can also be a career.”

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