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Plan launched to deliver best outcomes for children and families

A plan to ensure Hull is an inspiring, healthy and safe city for children and young people to learn, play, work and live has been launched.

The city’s Children, Young People and Families Board launched the plan for the city today.

It outlines help to provide the best start in life for the city’s children, support to ensure children are ready for school, have access to good-quality education and that children with special educational needs and disabilities get the right help.

Partners will work together to improve early identification for young people who need help and work with families whose lives are affected by domestic abuse.

It also highlights the importance of young people having a voice and being enabled to be active citizens, as well as have good social, emotional and mental health and well-being.

Alison Murphy, chair of the board and director of Children and Family Services at Hull City Council, said: “We want all children and young people and their families to make healthy lifestyle choices, be safe from harm and have the confidence to be ambitious and to achieve their aspirations.

“Working in partnership, we are committed to delivering the best outcomes for children and families in the city. Launching the plan today, we are focused on ensuring all of our children are safe from harm, ready for school, have access to good-quality education, are healthy and free from poverty and are ready for life and work to be active citizens.”

There are 63,000 children and young people living in Hull. By 2023, this number is expected to increase by 12,000.

The plan aims to ensure the right services are planned and delivered to meet the future needs for the city, from early help and safeguarding, to learning and education and getting young people ready for life and work.

The board is made up of Hull City Council, Humberside Police, Hull Clinical Commissioning Group, schools and Hull Community and Voluntary Services.

Read the plan here.

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