How Hull City Hall will look when lit up purple on Holocaust Memorial Day
How Hull City Hall will look when lit up purple on Holocaust Memorial Day

Hull landmarks to turn purple for Holocaust Memorial Day

City centre landmarks in Hull will be lit purple to mark Holocaust Memorial Day.

The day of remembrance is held annually on 27 January, allowing thoughts to turn to the 6 million Jews and the millions of other people murdered by the Nazi regime.

Those killed during more recent genocides in Cambodia, Rwanda, Bosnia and Darfur are also remembered.

The day is held on the 27th of January because it marks the anniversary of the liberation of Auschwitz-Birkenau, the largest Nazi death camp.

In common with other cities across the UK, Hull City Council will illuminate well-known buildings and structures across the city centre in purple light from dusk this Saturday.

The leader of Hull City Council, Councillor Mike Ross, said: “We come together on Holocaust Memorial Day to remember those no longer with us, but also to honour those who survived the atrocities.

“Fragility of freedom is the theme for this year’s Memorial Day, and we must remain vigilant to the risks still facing many people across the world.

“We cannot afford to become complacent, and we must ensure that hatred and prejudice are challenged.”

A video has been produced to give an insight into the day, and to also help educate children in the city about the Holocaust.

Councillor Ross said: “It’s really important that we teach young people about the Holocaust and discrimination in an age-appropriate way.

“This video can help to encourage children to think about the consequences of discrimination, including the impacts on those being targeted.

“Whilst it can lead to them asking difficult or challenging questions, it can also help them to think about what they can do to combat hate, as well as encouraging them to show empathy towards people who might be from different backgrounds.”

For more information, visit Holocaust Memorial Day.

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