Students brought their blinged up bikes to school for the day

Bellfield Primary School becomes first in the city to celebrate active travel success

A Hull primary school is the first in the city to achieve a national accreditation after implementing ten sustainable travel measures to support active travel to and from the school.

Bellfield Primary School received a bronze accreditation as part of the Modeshift STARS programme, which offers training to children and young people to develop their confidence and skills to make their journey to school by bicycle.

The school was the first in the city to sign-up to the scheme in October last year and has since made significant strides with implementing active travel plans for students and parents in the local community.

Their plans have included hosting events such as bling your bike day, bikers’ breakfast and car-free days.

Tracy Cowap, P.E Coordinator at Bellfield Primary School said: “Bellfield want to safely increase their active and sustainable travel modes within the school, whilst also promoting a healthier lifestyle for pupils.

The aim of the school is to reach a stage where they are able to provide all children with the ability to actively travel to the school safely, allowing them to also gain health benefits from this kind of lifestyle.”

Councillor Ieronimo, Portfolio Holder for Transportation, Roads, Highways, said: “I’m delighted to see that Bellfield Primary School has achieved national recognition for their work in making Hull a cleaner greener city.

“The school has done exactly what we as a council want to do: work with local residents in our communities to make our area a better place to live.

“Teaching students from a young age about the benefits of greener travel will help them make that choice in the future.”

First Step Sports Group deliver the programme on behalf of Hull City Council, and can assist with the application process, how to complete initiatives and to achieve the Modeshift STARS accreditation.

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