People caught on camera dumping waste in Hull.
People caught on camera dumping waste in Hull.

Caught on Camera: Can you identify fly-tippers spotted on CCTV in Hull? 

Hull City Council is asking for your help identifying people caught on camera dumping waste on the city’s streets. 

The three fly-tipping incidents below have all taken place in Hull over the last few months and were captured on CCTV. 

Anyone who has any information, or additional CCTV, dashcam or Ring doorbell footage associated with any of these incidents, is asked to report it via Fly-tipping | Hull, or by calling 01482 300 300 or emailing, quoting the relevant reference number. 

If residents have any information on any other fly-tipping incidents, they can also report it using these contacts. 

Wellsted Street (Reference no. 456072) 

On Wednesday 8 November 2023 a person was captured fly-tipping waste on Wellsted Street, Hull. 

Wellsted Street (Reference no. 456072b) 

On Wednesday 8 November 2023 two people were captured fly-tipping waste on Wellsted Street, Hull. 

Grove House View – Clough Road (Reference no. 455789) 

On Tuesday 31 October 2023 a person was captured fly-tipping household waste on Grove House View near Clough Road, Hull. 

Councillor Julia Conner, Portfolio Holder for Environment, said: “The council takes fly-tipping very seriously. It is unsightly, harmful to human health, and damaging to the environment, and we will not hesitate to take action against those responsible. 

“Anyone, including businesses, are urged to contact the council in confidence to share any information, or video footage they may have to stamp out this community-blighting, anti-social behaviour.” 

Fly-tipping is an offence Under section 33(1)(a) Environmental Protection Act 1990 and is defined as the ‘illegal deposit of any waste onto land that does not have a licence to accept it’.   

Anyone found guilty of fly-tipping faces receiving a £1,000 fine 

If the fine is not paid, attempts to communicate are ignored or the council has to remove waste, the case is passed on to the council’s legal team for prosecution. 

Prosecution for fly-tipping can result in an unlimited fine, imprisonment, or both. 

For information on Council services provided for residents to legally recycle and dispose of household waste, visit Bins and recycling – Hull.    

To help identify more fly-tippers from CCTV footage, and see cases the public have already helped solve, visit Caught on camera | Hull

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