A train leaves Hull Paragon Interchange at dusk
A train leaves Hull Paragon Interchange at dusk. (Picture: JohnGreyTurner on Flickr - CC BY-NC-ND 2.0)

Devolution: Transport and rail electrification

Improving transport links, in particular rail electrification, is a key component in Hull and East Yorkshire’s devolution proposal.

This includes a commitment to rail electrification and cutting trans-Pennine journey times.

At the end of 2021, when the Integrated Rail Plan was published, Hull was excluded from rail electrification plans, but this proposal would bring improved links to major towns and cities across the north, with further enhancements to frequency and capacity also possible.

The government has committed to electrification of the routes linking Hull to Leeds and Sheffield as part of the pledge to bring Hull into the Northern Powerhouse Rail network, realising a long-term ambition for the area.

This proposal would also allow the mayoral combined authority (MCA) to become the Local Transport Authority for the area and develop a single Strategic Transport Plan.

This would bring responsibility for a multi-year consolidated local transport budget and an identified Key Route Network, ensuring the most important local roads are managed in a strategic way, reducing congestion and improving traffic flows.

The proposal could also give powers to the MCA to build an integrated, low carbon transport system that improves mobility and journey time reliability, links city, coast and country, whilst reducing the cost of accessing work, services and trade for residents, businesses and visitors.

A trail blazing walking and cycling network could also be developed, helping to decarbonise the area’s transport system, as well as improve health and wellbeing.

Finally, it could enable multi-modal freight handling that reduces costs for businesses and consumers, with improved connectivity to the Humber ports and international markets.

Cllr Mark Ieronimo, Hull City Council’s portfolio holder for transportation, roads and highways, said: “Having control over Hull and East Yorkshire’s transport network and having a greater say in the region’s network would be a huge step forward for this area.

“Integrating Hull into the rail electrification programme and bringing it into Northern Powerhouse Rail is something the city has been striving for over many years.

“All of this could help to improve the area’s economy and its opportunities.

“However, none of this can be done without the say of our residents, so it’s vitally important that the people of Hull give us their thoughts on this proposal.”

You can have your say on Hull and East Yorkshire’s devolution proposal here.

People caught on camera dumping waste in Hull.
The Gaul, courtesy of the Hull Bullnose Heritage Group