What it’s like fostering with Hull City Council

Hull City Council is celebrating national Fostering Fortnight this month. The council is calling on people to join its fostering community and provide homes to children and young people in care.

Talking about fostering with Hull City Council, Charlie Smith, Advanced Social Worker & Practice Educator, said;

“It’s been a journey that we’ve all been on. We’ve been really supported as employees of Hull City Council. What we’ve had huge support with is through our managers, and for us to be able to work more flexibly.”

“I think the importance of that is it allows these children and young people to remain in Hull because sometimes we’re having to look further afield.”

“That might mean that children having to move out of area. This could mean changes of schools, away from their family networks, away from anything that they know really.”

“By us helping just a little bit, I hope that we’re able to keep children where it’s safe to do so.”

“For me, it’s about being part of almost another community. We have our fostering social workers that support us. We’re invited to lots of different celebrations.”

“There’s lots of time for the children and young people to get together as well and spend some time together.”

“There are payments for the children in your care. That money is ultimately for the young person, but allows you to provide a home from home kind of experience. And I think that’s the most important thing for us.”

“What we first did was reach out to a team manager within the fostering team. They then progressed that application and you’re allocated an social worker who comes to visit you.”

“It’s all done in a kind way, in gathering that information to make sure they’re getting the evidence you can also be a foster carer.”

“We’ve sat in training with people all walks of life who want to come into fostering, ultimately because they want to help children.”

“It all comes from a very lovely place and it’s just about how they can fit that into their own life. Working with Hull City Council they have that understanding and support that they can offer.”

If you’d like to more information this Fostering Fortnight, please contact Hull Fostering to learn more.