Supporting Hull Refugee Week 2023

Hull Refugee Week 2023 celebrates the contributions, creativity, and resilience of refugees and people seeking sanctuary in Hull. The celebration also aims to counter fear, ignorance, and negative stereotypes of refugees.

The week has consisted of various events taking place across the city to engage residents and bring communities together.

We spoke to Warda from Welcome House, who told us more about the local support that they provide

“Welcome House is a charity organisation to help the people, asylum seekers and refugees and support them with many sessions. We have like English sessions, crafts, sewing, some activities like walking, football, and we hope in the future we can have more activities with the children.”

“My role at Welcome House is to support new arrivals, asylum seekers and refugees, and domestic abuse. We try our best to do something good to support more asylum seekers and refugees, to give them positive energy.”

“Refugee Week is not just for asylum seekers or refugees, we share this with English people as well because they support us. If they are refugee I think they enjoy it (staying in Hull) because they were an asylum  seeker before and they can have a chance to move from here.”

“But they like Hull and they want to stay here. Even me, I was an asylum seeker and I’m now a refugee, I like Hull.”

Find out more about Hull Refugee Week 2023 on their official Facebook page.