Re-Use electrical shop re-opens on Hessle Road

A shop aimed at encouraging the reuse and repair of second-hand electrical goods has moved to a new location. The Re-Use Electrical Shop, previously located on Marfleet Lane, has now re-opened within Dove House’s Furniture Superstore on Hessle Road.

Andy Frankish, Re-Use Electrical Shop Manager said:

“Well, the Re-Use Shop is a partnership between Dove House, city council and FCC, who run the household waste sites.

“There’s 13 in Hull and the surrounding area, we have a container on each site and people can donate straight into the container. They also can ring the shop directly for a booking to have one picked up from their houses.

“It’s, as you can see its well-stocked, it’s for people who ain’t necessarily on a lot of money – this is an alternative.

“There all PAT tested, there are all function tested, and as you can see there clean, very much.

“We sell microwaves, dryers, dishwashers, washing machines, fridges, freezers, fridge freezers – basically all household appliances.

“Well originally, we was on Marfleet Lane and to be fair the footfall was very low. In the first week that we opened we took as much here as what we did in a month down at the other shop. And we are busy, very busy. We’ve got plenty of people that come back, repeat customers.

“If anybody needs a bargain, believe me we don’t let anything go out the door that we’re not sure about. Everything is thoroughly tested.”