New re-use shop opens in Hull

A new Re-Use Shop run by Dove House Hospice in partnership with Hull City Council, East Riding of Yorkshire Council and FCC Environment opened in January 2024.

The shop aims to reduce waste by selling good quality second-hand items, which have been donated for reuse from household waste and recycling centres across Hull and East Riding.

Liam Bould, Area Manager of FCC Environment, said:

“We’re opening a brand new reuse shop in partnership with Dove House Hospice, Hull City Council and East Riding of Yorkshire Council.

FCC operate the network of household waste recycling centres across Hull and the East Riding and are responsible for identifying
the items that have got a second potential useful life in them when they come from residents into the household waste recycling centre.

“We separate them and store them in an ISO container shipping container. They then get delivered into the two shops that we’ve now got across the Hull and East Riding area.

“Ultimately for residents, it provides a new shop on the High Street well positioned in Hull. It gives residents access to buy items at a much lower price which again is critical in a cost of living crisis.”

Carly Trickett, Area Manager of Dove House Hospice, said:

“Obviously it benefits Dove House in the same way as our other shops. The money from here will contribute towards supporting the people that have life limiting illnesses, at our hospice.

“And it benefits the residents in this area. We’re offering lots of items that are useful to them at a very affordable price, compared to going and buying it new.

“Reuse is preferable in terms of sustainable waste management and recycling. The more we can divert for reuse and keep goods in circulation for longer, the better.

“If you’ve got things at home that you don’t necessarily want anymore but are in perfectly good condition, then you can donate them for reuse at the three household waste recycling centres in Hull at Burma Drive, Wiltshire Road and Sutton Fields. There’s also a reuse electrical white goods store on Hessle Road.

“We’ve got those in the city now, so we’ve got a really good base for reuse across Hull.”