Hull’s Time Ball returns after 100 years

Following a major restoration, Hull’s Time Ball on the Guildhall is working for the first time in over 100 years.

Gill Osgerby from the Hull Maritime team talks about the major restoration of the Guildhall Time Ball:

“The Time Ball’s a unique feature on Hull’s skyline. It was installed on the new Guildhall in 1915 and operated until 1922. But we haven’t seen it drop in over 100 years.”

“So, it’s just completed over two years of restoration work and today at 1pm we’ll see it drop for the first time.”

“The ball rises at the mast at 12:57pm every day. It’s held there until precisely 1pm when an electromagnet releases the ball and catches it three-quarters of the way down, and the last quarter it slowly lowers it back down into its cup which holds the ball until the next day when it will rise again at 12:57pm.”

“The Guildhall Time Ball is a unique element of Hull’s maritime heritage.”

“It’s linked to the Hull maritime project. It’s a key element of the project in terms of telling an interesting part of Hull’s maritime story.”

“The project is also funded by Hull City Council and The National Lottery Heritage Fund.”

“It’s part of over £30 million worth of investment that’s happening in our maritime assets. That includes the Maritime Museum, North End Shipyard, our two historic ships, the Spurn Lightship and Arctic Corsair and the renovation of Dock Office Chambers next door to the museum.”

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