Get involved with Hull’s Public Art Audit

Residents Hull can join in a the Hull Public Art Audit to document the public art works across the city.

You can get involved by taking photos of your favourite pieces of art and sharing them on social media with the hashtag #HullPublicArt, or by tagging Hull City Council and Beam Arts.

Speaking about the audit, Kath Wynne-Hague, Head of Culture, Place, City Centre, said:

“Public art means a lot of things to a lot of people. It’s in your parks, in the gardens, and down the street. It is sculpture, it’s mural it’s mosaic.

“The public art audit is really important because currently we need to find out about all the public art that we have in Hull in our communities, in our neighbourhoods.

“We want to understand what the work is, who the artist was, who commissioned it, what state the work is in. All this information is important for us to understand the state of the art that we’ve got in the city.

“We want the public to get involved, look in their communities and neighbourhoods, and take pictures of any public art. It could be a sculpture, it could also be a mural, and what we want to do is understand what is out there in the city.

“You can send in your photos through social media. We’ll also be working with the volunteers to do some more research on the work you submit.”

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