A photo taken at an event for Not Where I Live Week in 2022. Three people stand inside a mobile surgery. There is a table of crime prevention merchandise with them. One person is a police officer in uniform.
An event during Not Where I Live Week 2022

Community outreach week will target antisocial behaviour

A week dedicated to helping residents raise and resolve community issues and tackle anti-social behaviour (ASB) starts on Monday. 

Not Where I Live Week (July 3 – 9) sees Hull City Council’s Neighbourhood Nuisance Team, alongside colleagues from Humberside Police, head out into communities, creating opportunities for people to talk about any problems they may be experiencing.

Drop-in surgeries, patch walks, patrols, giveaways, events and question-and-answer sessions have been organised. Events are spread across the city to ensure as many people as possible have the chance to take part.

The council’s Neighbourhood Nuisance team works with residents to solve issues that affect their communities. In 2022 they received just over 3,200 calls about antisocial behaviour and provided support to more than 3,100 victims and witnesses. In total, 1,358 perpetrators of antisocial behaviour were dealt with and 2,795 formal and informal sanctions were used to tackle the problem. 

They have enforcement officers working across the city and work closely with Humberside Police to resolve and tackle problems faced by individuals and communities.

The council is also urging community groups, residents and others to make use of the Crime Prevention Fund, created last year and used to fund community safety projects across the city.

Cllr Dave McCobb, Portfolio Holder for Community Safety said: “Making Hull safer is one of our top priorities. That’s why we have set up a new Crime Prevention Fund that residents can access to make their areas safer.

“The Police and the Council always want to hear from people it they have problems with crime and antisocial behaviour. But we don’t want to stop there – we want to come to you.

“As part of being a listening Council, I’m urging residents to get involved with Not Where I Live Week. This week will see the council get out into communities right across the city to provide opportunities for people to speak directly and safely to our Neighbourhood Nuisance Teams and the police about their experiences of antisocial behaviour.  

“Residents’ views and their ability to feel safe and comfortable in their communities is a priority for us, that’s why we’re getting out into those communities to listen to local people.”

Notes to Editors:

Events will be happening at the following dates and times:

Hull East:

  • Door-knocking and resident engagement in the Dorking Rd and Grasby Rd area, Tuesday July 4
  • Letter drop, area around Ings Skate Park, Thursday July 6
  • Community engagement event, Shannon Rd shops, 1pm, Tuesday July 4
  • Letter drop, Longhill Pavillion area, Thursday July 6

Park area:

  • Patch walks with PCSOs, various locations, Tuesday July 4
  • Community engagement, Elmbridge Parade, Tuesday July 4 10am-12pm
  • Community patrols, Stonebridge Park and East Park area, Tuesday July 5
  • Letter drops, range of areas, Tuesday July 5
  • Community engagement event, Freedom Centre, Wednesday July 6, 10am-12pm
  • Community engagement event, Newtown Court, Wednesday July 6, 1pm-2pm

Foredyke area:

  • Drop-in surgery, Northpoint shopping centre, Tuesday July 4, 10am-12pm
  • Drop-in surgery and awareness event on how to report, Tuesday July 4, Village Green, Kingswood, 2.30pm-4.30pm
  • Drop-in surgery, Monks Way Shops, Thursday July 6, 2pm-3pm
  • Drop-in surgery, Zeals Garth, Thursday July 6, 10am-11am

North area

  • Community questionnaires, Tuesday July 4, Ellerburn Shops, 10am-12pm
  • Crime prevention event, Tuesday July 4, Eternal Benefits, 104-106 The Quadrant, Hull, 11am-1pm
  • Crime prevention event, Thursday July 6, Grove House, Beverley Rd, 11am-1pm
  • Newland Avenue patch walk, Thursday July 6, 2pm

Riverside area:

  • Street surgery, Monday July 3, 6pm-7pm, Victoria Dock Village Hall
  • Street surgery, Thursday July 6, 3pm-4pm, outside Mersey Primary school

West area:

  • Street surgery, Tuesday July 4, HU4 Community Café, 11am-1pm
  • Street surgery, Wednesday July 5, Sainsbury’s Bethune Ave, 12pm-2pm

Wyke area

  • Residents’ meeting, Monday July 3, Romney Gardens, 2pm-4pm
  • Cycle marking, Tuesday July 5, Peel Park, 10am-12pm
  • Letter drop, Wednesday July 6, Princes Ave and Dukeries, 10am-12pm.

 If you are experiencing anti-social behaviour you can report it here:  Antisocial behaviour | Hull City Council or call (01482) 300 300. Reports can also be made to the police non-emergency number 101. Always use 999 in an emergency. Get more information about the Crime Prevention Fund, including how to apply, here: https://www.hull.gov.uk/crime-and-safety/community-crime-and-prevention/crime-prevention-fund

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Roadworks are to take place in Hull.