A Hull City Council worker seen from behind wearing a high-visibility jacket emblazoned with the "Love Your Neighbourhood" logo. In the background is a spring scene in a British street
The Love Your Neighbourhood project continues to make streets cleaner and greener.

Areas of Hull next in line for Love Your Neighbourhood tidy-up 

Hull City Council’s Love Your Neighbourhood project will be arriving in the Holderness, St Andrews and Docklands, and Pickering Wards from next week. 

As part of the citywide Love Your Neighbourhood project – which has seen hundreds of streets tidied up over the last year – Holderness, St Andrews and Docklands, and Pickering Wards are the next areas of Hull to undergo a comprehensive tidy-up. 

These areas will be tackled from Monday 1 April to Sunday 12 May, leaving streets transformed and residents with a renewed sense of pride in their community.  

During this period, the team will carry out a range of clear-up tasks, including verge cutting, grounds maintenance, and street cleaning works.    

Streets that will be included are Mayville Avenue, Lorraine Street, Chamberlain Road, Bean Street, Kings Leigh, Birch Leigh, Thorn Leigh, Kings Cross Close, Euston Close, St Pancras Close, Sibelius Road, Bantock Garth, Novello Garth, Pickering, Gershwin Avenue, Elgar Road, and Sullivan Road. 

Doug Sharp, Head of Street Cleansing and Waste Management at Hull City Council, said: “We are thrilled to announce that the next three phases of the Love Your Neighbourhood project will take place in the Holderness, St Andrews and Docklands, and Pickering Wards.  

“The dedicated team are ready to transform these neighbourhoods, to make them a clean and welcoming place for residents to live.  

“We hope everyone across the areas will reap the benefits of this wonderful project.” 

Love Your Neighbourhood is a new citywide tidy-up programme designed to tackle small areas one at a time.  

The team will tidy each Ward area over a two-week period, after which residents should see a noticeable difference in the look and feel of their neighbourhood.   

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For further information, visit Love your neighbourhood | Love your street | Hull. 

Alternatively, email loveyourstreetproject@hullcc.gov.uk 

A shot of the Guildhall in Hull. The building is in the background and spring flowers are in the foreground