Holwell Road Wildflower Meadow, between Leads Road, Sutton Road

Pockets of wildflowers enhance Hull’s biodiversity offer

Work to environmentally enhance pockets of the city’s green spaces is well under way.

Areas across Hull will be filled with buckthorn and wildflower planting as part of plans to improve the city’s green spaces.

Hull city council is working closely with community groups such as Rubbish Friends who come together on a regular basis to organise local litter picks and improve the area’s biodiversity offer.

Jennifer Woolin, open spaces development officer, said: “We are working with Rubbish Friends to improve a nutrient-rich site in Oak Road play fields. Due to the location of the patch it favours shade, so the team have successfully bid for a Woodland Trust hedgerow pack that will establish a species rich hedgerow.

“We’ve also worked hard to protect and maintain the bee orchids on Clough Road this year as part of our long-term biodiversity plans to encourage pollination and natural wildlife.”

The plans will support the city’s urban wildflower meadows dotted around Hull and continue to support the national pollinator strategy by encouraging nectar-rich planting, creating green spaces for pollinating insects and enhancing the environment for residents, visitors and commuters.

Andrew Gibson, outer Humber officer for the Yorkshire Wildlife Trust, said: “Having been contacted by Rubbish Friends and walked the areas with them to understand how they wish to provide space for nature in this area, Yorkshire Wildlife Trust are able to support their aspirations with the provision of wildflower seeds and advice from the Wildlife Garden based in Pearson Park, Hull.

“We have also been able to assist with preparing an area for The Green Corridor Group in Avenues and Central wards. We hope that more people in the city see the value of natural spaces in their urban environments.”

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