Two children look out of a window.
Two children look out of a window.

Coronavirus: What families should expect from home visits

As social workers from Hull City Council continue to support families during the coronavirus pandemic, families are being advised of what to expect during essential visits.

The advice includes when visitors will wear personal protective equipment (PPE) when visiting homes.

Social workers will only wear PPE – in the shape of gloves, aprons, face masks and eye protection, when:

  • Someone in the household has a specific health condition which means they are being shielded for 12 weeks
  • Someone in the household has symptoms of the coronavirus
  • They need to be closer than 2 metres to someone to carry out their job

The advice includes information on how visits will be conducted and what families should do to keep everyone safe.

Rachel Donnachie, assistant director for safeguarding said: “Families can help by informing the visitor beforehand if anyone in the household has a new continuous cough or a high temperature. Make sure to keep everyone more than two metres away from the visitor and wash your hands often.

“Sometimes social workers will hold doorstep visits. They will not discuss issues which are sensitive or confidential to families during these visits.

“Planning around how visits are carried out happens in consultation with families and other professionals involved with children, such as schools and health visitors. If your house is being visited during this time, make sure you check the identity of the professional before letting them into your home.”

For more information, visit the essential visits section of the council’s web site.

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