Pearson Park in Hull.
Pearson Park in Hull.

Plans submitted to improve landscaping of Pearson Park

Plans to improve the landscaping of Pearson Park are to be submitted to Hull City Council’s planning department.

The landscaping design would see Victorian tree formations returned to the park in keeping with the overall plans for its restoration as part for the Pearson Park Project.

The plans would only see the removal of trees that are in a poor condition, dying or dead.

Gill Osgerby, capital development manager at Hull City Council, said: “The £3.8m restoration of Pearson Park is set to make a number of improvements to the park for future generations, and this includes necessary tree works.

“A number of trees are in a poor condition. Some healthy trees are also in danger because they are being overshadowed by larger trees that are not in a healthy state.

“Where appropriate, this also gives us the opportunity to return to tree formations that have been lost over the years.”

The early stages of developing the Pearson Park Project involved detailed research into the history of the park and how it has changed over time.

During this phase, an inspection of the trees was undertaken by Hull City Council’s urban forestry officer, which allowed for the tree stock to be assessed in detail.

The species of the trees, their location, size and overall condition were evaluated and a report produced providing information on how the trees should be managed.

The landscaping plans have been designed by an experienced team of landscape architects who have worked on many park restoration projects across the country.

They have used the historical research and information from the tree inspection to develop the plans. The removal of any tree has been very carefully considered and the numbers have been kept to a minimum and based only on necessity.

Most of the trees that have been highlighted for removal are on the periphery of the park.

Consultation with residents, park users, local schools and different interest groups at a number of different events and meetings was completed for the designs for the landscaping and restoration work to the buildings and structures.

The designs were then approved by the Pearson Park Trust.

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