NHS road markings outside Hull Royal Infirmary
The road markings thank NHS staff for their efforts.

‘Thank you NHS’: New road markings pay tribute to health workers

NHS staff arriving at Hull Royal Infirmary this morning were greeted with new road markings thanking them for their incredible efforts.

At 4.30am, Hull City Council working with contractors to install the markings with the message “Thank you NHS” alongside three coronets, the city’s symbol.

The messages show the city’s appreciation and thank NHS workers for their dedication and commitment during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Dryden Line Marking carried out the work and Screentech provided the coronet stencils – with both companies donating their fees to the NHS.

NHS road markings

The message to NHS staff on entrance to the hospital’s car park on Argyle Street.

The markings were painted outside the entrance to Hull Royal Infirmary on Lansdowne Street and at the entrance to the hospital’s car park on Argyle Street.

Cllr Stephen Brady has said he's proud of Hull's reaction to coronavirus