Just some of the things happening in Hull to tackle climate change. Picture credit: Unsplash (top right), Andrew Roberts (bottom left) and Unsplash (bottom right).

5 things Hull City Council is doing to tackle climate change

Today is Earth Day, an annual event where people, businesses and organisations show support for environmental protection.

In March 2019 Hull City Council declared a climate emergency, which led to the council unveiling a strategy that will see it become carbon neutral by 2030.

Here are five things the council is doing to support the environment and reduce its carbon footprint –

Electric vehicle charging points

The council has introduced charging points for electric vehicles at various locations throughout the city. The council is also investing in its own fleet of vehicles to move towards electric.

Home improvements

The council is investing in extensive housing renovation and improvement programmes to make homes more energy efficient and eco-friendly. This includes things like improving home insulation and installing solar panels on properties.

Flood alleviation and prevention

Hull City Council recently submitted plans for an aquagreen in east Hull that will reduce flood risk to homes and businesses. This is just one example of the council being proactive in protecting homes and businesses. Last year the council invested in three water pumps that can remove excess water in the event of flooding, and the local authority has also supported the Environment Agency’s £42 million Humber frontages scheme that will help towards protecting residents in 113,000 homes in the city.

Queens Gardens plans

Queens Gardens’ ponds will be able to store rainwater and support flood alleviation during high periods of rainfall.

Queens Gardens

The £4.3m Queens Gardens refurbishment, in the heart of the city centre, features various modern and eco-friendly features. As part of the transformation, the gardens’ ponds will be modernised so that they can be used as large urban water retainers in the event of heavy rainfall.


Millions of pounds is being invested in the city’s transport network to make it more sustainable. This includes the development and improvement of the city’s cycle network.