Councillor Mike Ross, May 2024
The Leader of Hull City Council, Cllr Mike Ross

Leader calls for extension to cost of living help

The Leader of Hull City Council, Councillor Mike Ross, has called on the Government to extend vital help to deal with the cost of living crisis, as his Cabinet yesterday approved £2.2million more in support. 

The Household Support Fund has been used in Hull to help families across the city with school uniforms and pays for the delivery of free school meals during holiday periods.

It has also supported low-income households to improve their energy efficiency by delivering insulation improvements and boiler replacements.

Cabinet members agreed on proposals for the use of the remaining funds of £2.2m between 1 June and 30 September at the meeting on Monday 20 May.

The Chancellor announced in March’s Spring Budget that the Fund would continue for a further 6 months, and the Council quickly moved to agree interim proposals to allocate initial funding for April and May.

The Fund is currently due to run until the end of September.

At a Cabinet meeting, councillors backed Councillor Ross in calling for the Council to write to the Government setting out the need for an extension.

He said: “The cost of living crisis has hit families hard right across Hull and the Council is doing all it can to support local residents.

“Sadly, this is a national crisis which needs a national solution.

“The Household Support Fund provides a vital safety net for residents hit hard by the cost of living crisis.

“This fund must be extended by this and any future Government.

“If the Government cuts this scheme thousands of people in the city will pay the price for their decision.” 

For more information on the Household Support Fund, visit Household Support Fund | Hull.

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