New Hull City Council website launched to support residents 

The new and improved Hull City Council website has launched, allowing residents and businesses to deal with enquiries faster than ringing the Council call centre.

Local people can now benefit from a more modern website experience, with a new home page, new bin checker and much more. 

Hull CC Website Mobile Pic
Access the new via your mobile phone

The change comes after feedback from local residents, and is to encourage more people to visit the website to report their issues faster than using the 300300 council call number. 

Information about the new website will be seen across the city, through a new council marketing campaign. 

Leaflets and posters will go up in Council buildings, such as libraries and leisure centres.

The address for the new website stays the same –

Councillor Jack Haines, Portfolio Holder for Communications and Communities, said: “After listening to local people’s concerns, the Council has created a new website which is much easier and faster to use. 

“Residents should now be able to resolve any problems quicker than through the previous website.

“We are a forward-thinking, ambitious city, and I’m delighted we have a new Council website that matches our aspirations.”

Hull CC Website Desktop
Access the new on your laptop, desktop or tablet

Lisa Buttery, head of customer services for Hull City Council, said: “We’re encouraging more people to go online to contact us rather than wait on the end of the telephone.

“About 4 out of 10 people currently get in touch with the Council online.

“Our research shows that there are many more who use the internet for other things, but still choose to call us rather than use the web.

“This new Hull City Council website is easy to use, and allows customers to save time compared to calling us.”

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