Landlords and property owners urged to manage waste responsibly following environmental prosecution

Hull City Council is warning landlords and property owners about maintaining the cleanliness of their land, after a prosecution that resulted in fines and costs totalling £7,222.75

Amazing Lets Limited has been prosecuted by Hull City Council for failing to deal with the condition of two household properties, which were causing a statutory nuisance due to the presence of waste accumulations on the properties.

Action was taken by Hull City Council’s environmental enforcement officers, in response to complaints from the public.

One residential property, on Mappleton Grove, Hull, had significant accumulations of waste on the land and in outbuildings. The other residential property, on Bachelor Street, Hull, had accumulations of waste on the rear of the property, giving rise to odours and attracting vermin.

On hearing evidence, magistrates prosecuted Amazing Lets for failing to deal with the condition of two properties under sections 79 and 80 of the Environmental Protection Act 1990, resulting in fines and costs totalling £7,222.75.

Mappleton Grove consisted of a £1,000 fine, £150 victim surcharge and £3,882.75 costs, and Bachelor Street consisted of a £500 fine and £1,690 costs.

Mark Cornall, Environmental Enforcement Manager, said:

“As a council, we will always listen and respond to complaints from the public about environmental crimes.

“Landlords and property owners must take responsibility for any waste on their land – there will be consequences for failure to do so.”

Hull City Council always recommend that residents in rented, and non-rented accommodation, dispose or recycle of their household waste through approved services – including any of the recycling centres throughout the city, household collection schemes and bulky household collection service.

For further information on services provided for residents to recycle and dispose of household waste, please visit Bins and recycling | Hull City Council. In case of rented accommodation, renters are advised to speak to the landlord or property management agent for help and advice.

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