Trainee Social Worker, Megan, on how Hull’s internal apprentice scheme has helped her access her dream career

Hull City Council has been celebrating Social Work Week 2022, with stories from the people working in Children’s and Adults Social Work.

As the week comes to and end, we hear the final story from one of Hull City Council’s trainee social workers, Megan Wray.

Megan said: “I never thought I could become a social worker, my dream was always to be a family practitioner as I thought that was the highest level I could get to, now I am on the apprentice course and am on my way to becoming a social worker.”

After completing her NVQ in business and administration Megan got a job as a team co-ordinator with East Team three.

Megan said: “I had wanted to become a social worker but didn’t finish my A-levels. I would have liked to have gone to university but as I had bought a house, I knew I couldn’t afford to do it, with both the loss of income and the fees.”

In 2021 as part of the Pathway programme the level for applications to become apprentices changed from grade six to grade four.

“Last year when I saw the apprentice level change to grade four I knew I wanted to go for it, so I did. I applied last April and then started at university in September.”

Megan is paid at her current grade as well as having her fees paid during the three-year degree course.

She said: “This way I can afford to go to university and become a social worker which I never thought possible. I would really recommend the apprentice scheme to anyone considering it – it is a great way to learn as I get experience on the job alongside doing the university work.”

The apprentice scheme is open annually to anyone grade four and above who meets the criteria and would like to train to become a social worker.

Megan said: “I still work full time, I go to university one day a week and then have one day a fortnight as a study day.

“The team at East, all the teams really, have been incredibly supportive, inviting me along to shadow their visits and making sure I have covered all the elements I need to for my course. I am really enjoying it.”

Anyone who would like more information on the apprentice course should email

Find the list of Social Work jobs available with Hull City Council here.

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