The aim of the scheme is to reduce the impact of roadworks.

Weekly roadworks update – 17 December

The Stoneferry Corridor improvement project continues, with one section of it due to finish this week.

Works to Beverley Road constructing a cycle track, which were due to finish on Friday 17 December, will now be completed by Thursday 23 December. There will be a lane closure throughout the duration of the works.

Beginning Monday 10 January, Rawling Way will see some resurfacing and concrete repairs, with road closure taking place between 7.30pm and 6.00am to minimise disruption.

Below is a breakdown of roadworks taking place across Hull over the next few weeks:

Location Start Date Due Date Reason Utility/HCC Name
A63 improvement scheme – Commercial Road 26/10/21 30/4/22 Enable H&S and safe systems of works for operatives working on the scheme National Highways
A63 improvement scheme –  St James Street to  Market place 1/5/20 1/5/25 Lane closures and local diversions until completion of scheme. LGV diversion signed via ERYC to limit number of LGVs in city centre. National Highways
Barham Road 29/11/21 23/1/22 Carriageway resurfacing and concrete repairs. HCC – MP&I
Beverley Road cycle scheme 14/10/21 23/12/21 Construction of off-line cycle track. Hall Road to City Boundary outbound. Lane closure throughout duration of works. HCC – MP&I
Beverley Road – Brunswick Arcade 4/10/21 1/9/22 Brunswick Arcade demolition. Contraflow in place until April 2022. Lane closure in place until Sept 2022. HCC – MP&I
Beverley Road – junction with Hall Road 15/12/21 16/12/21 Application of anti-skid and lining. Multi-way lights 7pm-11pm. MP&I ARBPMLTD
Beverley Road – Mizzen Road to Windle Avenue 4/1/22 11/2/22 Construction of new cycle track and footpath on the existing footpath and verge. Lane closure. MP&I ARBPMLTD
Bowlalley Lane 18/10/21 17/12/21 Footway Scheme. Extended to include carriageway. Road closure. HCC – MP&I
Hessle Road (12-month Scheme) 23/8/21 4/9/22 Footway reconstruction. HCC – MP&I
Holderness Road (Victor St to Southcoates) (PHASES 1-8) 27/9/21 1/11/22 Full footway reconstruction scheme. HCC – MP&I
Holderness Road – Holland Street to Sherburn Street 4/1/22 13/2/22 Footway reconstruction and repaving. MP & I
Holderness Road 21/12/21 23/12/21 Lane closure for work to existing telecoms site in the central verge near Summergangs Lane. T-Mobile Ltd
Holderness Road 24/1/22 11/2/22 Excavate and locate cable, joint new cable and reinstate excavations for new connection. SWB MASS MARKET Z3
Holwell Road 13/12/21 17/12/21 Repairs to concrete surface and roundabout. Lane closures from 9.30am on 13 Dec for duration of work. HCC – Colas
Lowgate Footway Scheme – East side 10/1/22 8/4/22 Alfred Gelder Street to North Church Side, road closures between 7.30pm and 6.00am, Monday to Saturday. HCC – MP&I
Lowgate Footway Scheme – Lowgate 1/11/21 10/1/22 Footway repair scheme. Closed northbound from A63 to North Church Side. A63 slip road closed. Lane open southbound from Alfred Gelder Street to A63. HCC – MP&I
Lowgate Footway Scheme – Market Place 22/10/21 22/12/21 Footway repair scheme. East footway – no carriageway incursion. Except on occasions, parking bays removed to provide walkway. HCC – MP&I
Portland Place 4/1/22 21/1/22 Essential gas repairs. Road closure, traffic to follow diversion. Northern Gas Network
Rawling Way 10/1/22 17/1/22 Resurfacing and concrete repairs. Proposed closure between 7.30pm and 6.00am. HCC-MP&I
Saltshouse Road 1/11/21 12/1/22 Installation of two new pedestrian refuge islands between Dunvegan Road and Clear View Close. HCC-MP&I
Silver Street 4/1/22 31/1/22 Road closure due to istallation of automated bollards. HCC – MP&I
Southcoates Lane 8/12/21 17/12/21 Carriageway repair works (near Cundall Close) 9.30am to 3.30pm. Multi-way signals. Streetscene Highway Operations
Spring Bank West 25/10/21 18/12/21 Upgrading network. Opposite Albert Ave to Tile Giant (footway, carriageway) HCC – Streetscene Signals
Stoneferry Rd Scheme – Woodhall Street to Lorraine Avenue 1/4/21 28/5/22 Major Improvement Scheme commissioned by HCC  – Infrastructure improvements and road widening. Lane closures throughout the scheme. Signals works at Woodhall street junction are now completed HCC – MP&I
Stoneferry Rd Scheme – Chamberlain Road to Bandstand roundabout 23/4/21 25/6/22 Major improvement scheme commissioned by HCC  – Infrastructure improvements and road widening. Lane closures throughout the scheme. Signals works at Woodhall street junction are now completed HCC – MP&I  COLAS
Stoneferry Rd Scheme- Stoneferry Rd/Ferry Lane 15/12/21 18/12/21 Resurfacing to mainline carriageway. Closures 7.00pm-6.00pm: Stoneferry Road northbound between Anne Watson Street and Bandstand Roundabout; Ferry Lane westbound from Stoneferry Road to the Stoneferry Bridges. Two nights with third as contingency. HCC – MP&I  COLAS
Wincolmlee (Phase 1) 13/12/21 17/1/22 Essential work to upgrade power supply. Multi-way signals, to be manned during traffic-sensitive times. All traffic management to be removed during Christmas closedown. Northern Power Grid
Wincolmlee (Phase 2) 31/1/22 18/3/22 New connection and cable upgrades. Road closure. Northern Power Grid