Dodecalis, an inflatable structure by Architects Of Air.
Luminarium, by Architects Of Air, is coming to Hull next month. Photo credit: Alan Parkinson.

Giant inflatable structure heading to Pearson Park this summer

Pearson Park in Hull will invite people of all ages to enter an extraordinary inflatable world this July.

Luminarium, from Absolutely Cultured, is a family-friendly installation that has a calming effect on adults whilst encouraging children to think, question and explore. Taking inspiration from natural shapes such as soap bubbles, plant formations and organic cells, the interactive sculpture gives visitors the unique opportunity to enjoy a few minutes of mindfulness.

Inspired by Islamic, Gothic and Modern architecture, it combines intricate engineering with joyful visual design to create a truly sensory experience.

The 12-sided inflatable structure visiting Pearson Park is Dodecalis, created by Architects of Air. It takes the form of three cavernous domes connected by tunnels and pods. As sunlight filters through coloured fabric, silver surfaces are illuminated and fill the space with gradually changing hues.

Luminarium is at Pearson Park in Hull from Tuesday 26 July until Saturday 30 July.

Tickets for 30-minute slots from 11am – 5pm are £3 per person. Children under 5 are admitted free of charge.

Stephen Munn, CEO and Artistic Director at Absolutely Cultured, said: “Architects of Air build astounding environments that have to be seen to be believed. Luminarium merges geometrical shapes, otherworldly illumination and an ambient soundscape to transport you to a realm of quiet contemplation and curiosity, inviting adults and children to discover the versatility of art.

“I am so pleased that Absolutely Cultured is presenting this amazing installation in Hull – Pearson Park is the ideal site, as so many different people use this fantastic space to relax in.”

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