Devolution could help to promote economic inclusivity.

Devolution: Promoting economic inclusivity

Hull City Council is committed to promoting economic inclusivity and this is part of the Hull and East Yorkshire devolution proposal.

Promoting economic inclusivity could provide decent homes for all and economic opportunities for the most deprived communities.

This could help to ensure the wider community benefits from and contributes to the growth and prosperity of the region.

Hull and East Yorkshire’s devolution proposal features a particular focus on supporting people back into a learning environment to develop skills to help them to create opportunities for themselves.

This would build on the well-established partnership working between the council, the Department of Work and Pensions and other public, private and voluntary sector partners on delivery of UK Shared Prosperity Fund (UKSPF) initiatives such as the Employment Hub and Business Support Programmes.

Key priorities in Hull and East Yorkshire’s devolution proposal are:

  • Community investment to ensure quality, energy efficient, safe and affordable housing, directly tackling energy poverty as well as promoting pride of place, which supports wealth creation and helps to reduce anti-social behaviour, crime and poor health.
  • Whole-place regeneration which prioritises measures to re-purpose urban areas, ensuring they appeal to local people, investors and visitors alike and provide the appropriate springboard for community-focused neighbourhoods.
  • Investment in heritage and cultural assets to strengthen community ties and provide new sources of economic opportunity.
  • Raising people’s aspirations through access to employment and training initiatives for young people and those furthest from the labour market, providing them with the skills they need to take-up jobs in our emerging higher-value sectors and ensure that the widest possible breadth of the community can reach their economic potential.

Cllr Paul Drake-Davis, the council’s portfolio holder for housing and regeneration, said: “Supporting and investing in our residents to ensure that they have good quality, affordable housing in our neighbourhoods is a big priority for us.

“As is ensuring that our young people have the confidence and necessary skills to create opportunities for themselves and improve their lives.

“This devolution proposal does that and, should it be supported by the public, it would mean more local control over our training and skills budgets, as well as helping to deliver essential new housing.”

You can have your say on the devolution proposal here.