Cllr Ieronimo with one of the council's civil enforcement officers.

Councillor Ieronimo goes ‘back to the floor’ with civil enforcement officers 

Councillor Mark Ieronimo, portfolio holder for transportation, roads, and highways, went ‘back to the floor’ as he joined Hull City Council’s dedicated civil enforcement officers. 

The hands-on experience, which took place on Friday 5 July, allowed Cllr Ieronimo to gain insights into the officers’ daily work, challenges and achievements. 

During his time on patrol, Cllr Ieronimo witnessed officers handling various situations, from minor parking violations to conflict and nuisance behaviour. The councillor also observed officers making informed judgement calls, balancing enforcement with empathy and considering individual circumstances. 

Cllr Ieronimo was impressed by the dedication and professionalism of the civil enforcement officers, with their commitment to maintaining order, enforcing regulations, and ensuring public safety evident throughout the afternoon. 

Reflecting on his time with the officers, Cllr Ieronimo said: “Spending the afternoon with our civil enforcement officers was truly enlightening and I gained profound knowledge and respect for their work. 

“Their dedication to keeping our streets safe and orderly is commendable. The officers exemplify professionalism, and their ability to make a judgment call that is fair and orderly, even when the situation is unclear, is exemplary. 

“I appreciate their hard work and the positive impact they have on our community.” 

As part of the council’s ongoing effort to enhance civil enforcement across the city, an intensive recruitment drive has recently been conducted. This has led to an almost fully staffed team, which has created positive change and boosted staff morale. 

Work has also been carried out to ensure that there is wider enforcement action across Hull, including increasing the number of officers on mopeds so that they can more easily reach the city boundaries. 

A temporary role has also been introduced to oversee city centre car parks. This position ensures consistent standards while handling issues related to anti-social behaviour and overall cleanliness. 

Cllr Ieronimo added: “The recent changes made within the team reflect our dedication to providing efficient and effective civil enforcement services, benefiting both residents and visitors alike. 

“By ensuring that our officers are present across all key areas of Hull, from the city centre to the city boundaries, we can address issues promptly and maintain safety and order. 

“I look forward to seeing how these improvements continue to positively impact our communities.” 

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