Stoneferry cycling works
Councillor Daren Hale and Garry Taylor mark the start of the cycling upgrade works in Stoneferry Corridor

£2m cycling investment works in Hull now under way

Work to upgrade the national cycle route as part of the Stoneferry Corridor project has begun.

As part of the multi-million-pound scheme, the national cycle route will undergo an extensive repair and refresh programme to ensure that cyclists have a safe and accessible way to get across Stoneferry Corridor.

Works will include vegetation clearance, paving repairs, surface dressing and new and improved connectivity for safer cycle routes from Stoneferry corridor to the national cycle route.

It will also serve as an alternative route for when road closures are in place for the major transport improvement scheme.

The cycle and pedestrian route runs from Spyvee Street to Sutton Road and is split into eight phases, including:

  • Spyvee St to St Mark St
  • St Mark St to Chapman St
  • Chapman St to James Reckitt Ave
  • James Reckitt Ave to Chamberlain Rd
  • Chamberlain Rd to Leads Rd
  • Leads Rd to Hamburg Rd
  • Hamburg Rd to Amsterdam Rd
  • Amsterdam Rd to Sutton Rd

Councillor Daren Hale, portfolio holder for regeneration and economic investment, said:  “The council has the ambition to make Hull a cycling city, and this is why we are investing £2m in the cycle routes and infrastructure over the next two years.

“We recognise that by creating a public environment which encourages cycling will not only improve the health and wellbeing of our residents, but also help to reduce congestion on our roads.”

The improvements to this area will see 10 new controlled pedestrian and cycle crossing facilities, an upgrade of junction layouts to provide better traffic flow, 57,000 sq m of road resurfacing, 10,500 sq m of pavement resurfacing, and 5.6 km of new and refurbished cycle paths.

Once completed, the Stoneferry Corridor project will aim to reduce congestion by nearly 50 per cent, cut down accidents by at least 40 per cent within the next 15 years and improve air quality for residents and businesses in the area.

The £8m project is jointly funded with £7.5m from the Humber Local Enterprise Partnership, plus £500,000 from Hull City Council.

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