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Smoking harms the immune system and the ability to fight infection. Picture: Robina Weermeijer

Hull smokers urged: quit for Coronavirus

Smokers have been urged to quit to reduce the risk of coronavirus.

Smoking harms the immune system and the ability to fight infection and there is emerging evidence to show people who smoke may be at greater risk of severe complications from Covid-19.

Hull’s Director of Public Health, Julia Weldon, has backed the national #QuitForCovid campaign, which calls on people to give up for their own health and others in their household.

She said: “If you’re a smoker, we know that your ability to fight off an infection is reduced – that includes Covid-19.

“Smokers are also more at risk of a whole range of health complications which can mean hospital treatment. There are immediate health benefits to stopping, for example improved blood pressure, reduced respiratory infections and heart disease, that can help ease pressure on the NHS.

“Support from our local services is still there to help people who want to quit, including over the phone or using other technology, and replacement therapies like gum and patches can still be accessed through pharmacies.

“Nobody will pretend quitting is easy but we know that the majority of smokers want to stop. There is no better time than now, when it could protect you, as well as reduce the risk of second-hand smoke at a time most of us are together at home.

“Even if you’ve tried before and didn’t manage don’t give up on quitting because you can do it. Many smokers try several times before they succeed, but getting the right support and using stop smoking aids to help ease the cravings gives you a much better chance of success.”

Get information on how to access stop smoking support during the pandemic here here.

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