Hull Paragon Interchange.
The Paragon Interchange in Hull.

New screens to be fitted in Paragon Interchange

New information screens for Paragon Interchange are being purchased by Hull City Council.

A total of 49 new screens will be installed in the station, enabling bus passengers to plan their journeys as efficiently as possible, with real-time updates on bus arrival and departure times using smart technology.

The investment comes after the screens stopped working in November last year. The technology supporting them was no longer fit-for-purpose.

Councillor Daren Hale, portfolio holder for economic investment and regeneration, said: “The Paragon Interchange is an integral part of the city’s transport system and it is unacceptable that residents and visitors are currently receiving limited bus timetable and journey planning information.

“We need faster, more efficient, reliable and sustainable journeys which includes a fully integrated and high-quality public transport system to help keep the city moving and reduce congestion. In order to achieve this, we need an active transport hub that can keep up with this demand.

“Efficient public transport is a key part of the city’s integrated transport strategy.”

The station will benefit from 42 LCD display 22in screens installed at each bus stand, with an additional seven 49in screens along the concourse of Paragon Interchange, displaying journey planning information for all bus services departing from the Interchange.

Hull company Connexin have been appointed to carry out the works which will begin in April this year, whilst work to develop the data feeds for the real time information will begin next week.

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