Support offered to families in private fostering arrangements

Hull City Council is raising awareness about private fostering arrangements and the help available to families.

Private fostering is an informal arrangement made by parents and carers for a child to live with another family – where the other family is not close relatives; grandparents, aunt/ uncle, or step-parent by marriage.

Where a child is under 16 and is living with another family for more than 28 days, the council should be informed, and then support will be offered.  

Support will be offered to carers about a range of services that may be helpful, and increase stability for the child and family; including help with education, mediation for any difficult matters, and advice about any benefit entitlement.

Councillor Linda Tock, Portfolio Holder for children’s services said: “We are raising awareness about the legal requirement for people to let us know if they are looking after a child for more than 28 days, or for parents or carers to let us know if this arrangement is being put in place. Whether it’s a teenager living with friends or extended family, or children who stay with another family while their own parents are unable to care for them, maybe due to hospital admission, a prison sentence, or a family crisis.

“It is a legal requirement for people to inform the council, and we will then be able to offer support and training to both the child and the carers.”

Anyone who has made an informal arrangement for a child under the age of 16, or under 18 if the child is disabled, to live with another family member for more than 28 days, should let the council know on 01482 448 879.

For more information or to notify the council online, visit: Private Fostering | Hull City Council

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