North Sea Ferry Norland leaves Hull in 1982 for the Falklands War - image courtesy of SAMA82
North Sea Ferry Norland leaves Hull in 1982 for the Falklands War - image courtesy of SAMA82

South Atlantic Medal holders to receive Honorary Freedom of the City

Veterans of the Falklands War are to receive the Honorary Freedom of the City of Kingston upon Hull.

The Freedom Scroll will be presented to holders of the South Atlantic Medal at an Extraordinary Meeting of Hull City Council.

The meeting, called specifically for the purpose, will take place on Thursday 20 July at 4:00pm, in the Council Chamber at the Guildhall.

The South Atlantic Medal has been awarded around 30,000 times to service men and women – and civilians – who were involved in the Falklands conflict in 1982.

Around 75 medal holders will attend the ceremony.

Nine vessels travelled from the city to aid the naval task force.

The leader of Hull City Council, Councillor Mike Ross, said: “Over 40 years on from the war, it is absolutely right that Hull veterans should be recognised in this official way.

“The Honorary Freedom of the City is the highest honour the council can bestow.

“We’re delighted to be able to commemorate those from the city who played such an important part.”

The Lord Mayor and Admiral of the Humber, Councillor Kalvin Neal, said: “I am looking forward to welcoming dozens of veterans from the city to receive this well-deserved honour.”

Keith Thompson, a South Atlantic Medal holder who worked aboard the North Sea Ferry Norland, said: “I’d like to thank Hull City Council for doing this for us.

“This honour is such an important thing for us and we’re so proud.

“We have a big affinity with the Falkland Islands, where there is quite a big community of people who have moved over there from Hull.”

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