The rainbow graphic says LGBTQ+ adoption and fostering week 2024
LGBTQ+ Adoption and Fostering Week 2024

Join the LGBTQ+ Adoption Community in North and Humber

LGBTQ+ people are being encouraged to consider if they could change the life of a child or group of brothers and sisters, by adopting through One Adoption North and Humber, as part of LGBTQ+ Adoption and Fostering week.

The regional adoption agency for North Yorkshire, York and the Humber is hoping to encourage more people who are LGBTQ+ to consider whether they could adopt children who wait the longest, by supporting this year’s awareness-raising week (4-10 March), which is organised by national charity New Family Social.

The focus for this year’s national campaign is #DifferentTogether, highlighting the need to find families for children who are ethnically diverse. Throughout the week events will take place which include an information webinar featuring LGBTQ+ people from global majority ethnic groups who’ve adopted or fostered. There’s also free training for applicants and professionals on how to prepare LGBTQ+ people for adopting a child of a different race, ethnicity or culture to themselves.

One Adoption North and Humber has a great track record in recruiting and supporting LGBTQ+ adopters. The agency particularly wishes to put a spotlight on those children who often wait the longest to find their adoptive family; children who are in sibling groups, those over four years of age, and children who have additional needs.

One Adoption North and Humber welcomes applications from people of any gender, race and sexuality and continues to support many people from within the LGBTQ+ community to adopt children and create happy, loving and forever families.

However, there are lots of children still in care with plans for adoption, whose lives could be transformed by an LGBTQ+ adopter.

Tom Maxwell, head of agency at One Adoption North and Humber said: “Every child deserves to have a family who can provide the love, nurture and stability for them to feel safe and thrive.

“We appreciate that each family is unique in terms of the range of qualities, experiences and skills they have to offer. We recognise that LGBTQ+ adopters have many distinct qualities, strengths and insights from their own life experiences that would make them excellent adoptive parents and strong advocates for their children: empathy and resilience, an openness to difference, and acceptance that everyone is an individual and equally important.

“Adopted children often feel ‘different’ – many having experienced loss, trauma, and questions around identity and belonging. A parent who can understand and empathise with ‘being different’ can give LGBTQ+ adopters a unique perspective.

“At One Adoption North and Humber we welcome and celebrate the huge difference LGBTQ+ people make to the lives of vulnerable children and young people when they adopt and ensure that everyone who adopts with us is supported by our warm, friendly and experienced staff.”

One Adoption North and Humber regularly hosts online information events which are an opportunity for people of all sexualities to hear from friendly, professional staff to find out more about adoption. The sessions include information on the assessment process, the children local authorities are currently seeking adoptive homes for, and what it is like to adopt a child from experienced adopters themselves.

The next information event is being held on Wednesday 6 March on Zoom and can be booked by visiting the One Adoption website: North Yorkshire and Humber Information Events | One Adoption

By adopting through One Adoption parents are supported throughout the whole process by a highly experienced, dedicated adoption support team and peer mentors from the One Adoption community. There is a comprehensive programme of pre and post adoption training and support – from stay and play sessions to specialist training and workshops.

Anyone interested in finding out about adopting can visit the One Adoption website or call the advice line on 0345 305 2576.

One Adoption North and Humber is a regional adoption agency made up of the adoption services of all five councils in the area: East Riding, Hull, North East Lincolnshire, North Yorkshire and York.