A photo of a huge crowd at down Humber Street in Hull

5 things to do in Hull this weekend

It’s almost the weekend – and this week’s two-day work break (for most of us) features one of the city’s most well-attended music events – or events of any kind for that matter.

We will also see a famous trawler moved for the first time in two decades, plus get the chance to watch a short film, laugh along with some family comedy and find out about the “difficult women” of one of the region’s grandest country houses.

Here are 5 things to do in the Hull area this weekend …

1. Humber Street Sesh
Fruit Market and Marina area
Friday 7pm-11pm, Saturday 11am-11pm
From £10

This legendary Hull music festival is one of the city’s most popular events of the year, attracting a massive 30,000 people. It provides a platform for emerging musicians and artists from Hull and across the UK. Get tickets here. Check out our 6 acts not to miss and read our interview with stage headliner Chiedu Oraka.

2. Arctic Corsair move
River Hull
Saturday 6am

The Arctic Corsair will move from its current location and relocate to a temporary berth next month.

After 20 years in the same spot on the River Hull, one of the city’s most recognisable vessels will be moved to a temporary birth this weekend, ahead of its renovation and move to a final berth at a refurbished dry dock at the North End Shipyard. Early-risers can watch the move from the marina and east side of the riverbank near Tower Street car park, The Deep, Sammy’s Point and along Victoria Dock, though the walkway to the west of the River Hull will be closed. Find out more here.

3. Home
Bonus Arena
Friday 6pm

This short film is the first outing from Hull studio Restart Productions, in association with Drunk Animal, featuring well-known faces Ian Beattie, Lily Aslandogdu and Daniel Mihai. It is a story of a lonely young girl who meets a Romanian farmhand who claims to be held captive. Can she save him, or will his secret keep them both prisoner? Book tickets or find out more here.

4. Tiny Tim & El Baldino Family Show
Comedy Lounge
Sunday noon-4pm

You may have seen internet sensation Tiny Tim on his viral videos on social media, and El Baldino on Britain’s Got Talent, but you haven’t seen them both together. If that is something that floats your boat, grab your clan and head to this George Street venue for a laughter-filled Sunday afternoon family show. Book tickets or find out more here.

5. Difficult Women Of Burton Constable
Burton Constable Hall
Until Sunday 3 November noon
From £11

Burton Constable Hall.

Take a drive out to Burton Constable to learn about the venue’s history of what some have called “difficult women” – though others might call them spirited, independent, challenging and capable. The fascinating, and surprising, stories on the impact of these women on the Constable family and the hall include the dedication of Winifred Constable, who accompanied her brother William on a grand tour to try to find a cure for his gout, to the flamboyant Rosina, second Lady Clifford Constable, who enjoyed the freedom and financial independence brought by widowhood – and sacked Burton Constable of valuable contents to pursue a colourful life in Italy. Find out more here.

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