Residents are advised to be vigilant when answering the door to strangers.

Be extra vigilant over door-knockers, residents warned after burglary

Residents are urged to be extra vigilant after a burglary following a door-knocking in Hull.

Police are investigating after a person knocked on a door of a house in Hardy Street, saying they were doing a financial assessment on behalf of Hull City Council. The property was burgled soon after.

Hull City Council is urging residents to ask for identification if anyone calls at their property and, if in doubt, do not let the person in the property.

Official visitors, such as those from Hull City Council and utility companies, will have identification that can be checked.

If a stranger knocks on your door, the council’s Trading Standards team advises:

  • Always ask to see their identification card. If you are unsure, suggest that the caller comes back later when you have had chance to telephone and check that they are who they claim to be.
  • Don’t agree to on-the-spot house repairs, or sign anything immediately.
  • Be wary of special offers or warnings that your house is unsafe.
  • Don`t feel pressurised into buying costly home repairs or goods and services you may not need.
  • Take time to talk to someone you trust before making a decision.
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