Work Begins on Lost Trawlermen Memorial

Work to create a lost trawlermen memorial to remember those who lost their lives at sea has got underway. The memorial at St. Andrews Quay has been commissioned by local fishing heritage group STAND.

It is thought that over 6000 trawlermen were lost at sea in the city’s fishing industry.

Speaking at the lost trawlermen memorial garden site, Cllr Mike Ross said;

“It’s really fantastic to see this work after many years finally getting underway. I’m sure when it’s finished it’ll be a fitting memorial for all those lost at sea.”

“Hull as a city, built on the water, and built on the sea, has what built it to the city it is today. So, it’s only right that actually the city does remember all those that lost their lives at sea.”

“We believe there was between six and eight thousand men lost over the years at sea. The work to get this memorial here in place is a fitting tribute to all those and I look forward to seeing it open later this year.”

Vic Wheeldon, committee member of STAND, said;

“Over the 150 years that the fishing industry worked from Hull, in excess of 6000 men were lost.

“Some of them of course in wartime, but many of them in peace time just pursuing a profession. It’s very important that they should  be remembered and recognized.”

“There’s never been a single place where you could go to think about family members that were lost at sea. The number of fishermen that were actually in the profession at the time are dwindling away. But the extended families are fully aware that this profession was part of Hull.

“It’s taught about in the schools now thankfully and they they’ve got a place to come and reflect as well.”

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