Work Begins on Hull’s Queens Gardens

Work has started on Queens Gardens in Hull to enhance the area and make it more accessible for everyone.

The paving will benefit from natural granite stone and the paths along Guildhall Road will be made wider.

Other improvements include replacing the Rose Bowl boundary walls and a new substation infrastructure to enable more large-scale events.

Speaking from Queens Gardens earlier this week, Councillor Mike Ross said:

“Queens Gardens is a lovely green space, it’s been like this since the 1950s. But unfortunately, it is looking very tired and worn down. This is about bringing some investment and new life to Queens Gardens.”

“It’s partly about maintenance but also about improvements and making it so it’s a space we’ll be able to use in a variety of different ways.

The big events that we all love and see those staged in a bigger manner. But also, a calm, serene space that people can enjoy when they’re in the city centre.”

“We want to offer this to the people who visit the city so they can enjoy this space.”

“Hull is all about its maritime past and we need to help future generations learn about that as well.”

“The decision to take down the trees is never an easy one. never is it a case of anyone glad about taking down trees, but sadly the trees have been assessed and are coming towards their end of life.”

“There’s concerns around the danger they potentially possess, in fact some of them have already come down over recent years.”

“The good news though is while there will be a number of trees coming down, they’ll be many more trees being planted both here within Queens Gardens and elsewhere within the local area.”

“That is good news and shows the commitment to supporting trees within the city.”

The Queens Gardens refurbishment part of the Hull Maritime project and will link the Hull Maritime Museum to the North End Shipyard.

Find out more about the project in the Hull Maritime website