Hull’s new smart traffic technology on Stoneferry Road

New technology has been installed across Stoneferry Road to reduce congestion and collisions. The traffic technology is the very first scheme of it’s kind in the UK.

We spoke to Councillor Mark Ieronimo, Portfolio Holder for Transportation, Roads and Highways, to find out more:

“In a UK first, Hull City Council has worked with Clearview intelligence to bring improvements to the Stoneferry Road corridor. One of these improvements is to bring about better road safety for those using the roads, particularly cyclists and pedestrians.

“Another improvement is to reduce congestion on the road. We hope that by making this area more appealing, it will encourage people to cycle and walk more.

“One of the improvements has been the introduction of intelligent road studs. These detect cyclists approaching the junction and illuminate to alert motorists, making the junction a lot safer.

“One of the other improvements has been to have real time information relates to to drivers on the VMS signs around the city, so drivers are better able to choose their route.

“A third improvement has been the introduction of an infrared system which alerts lorry drivers there’s a rail bridge ahead. The railway bridge is struck on average about six times a year and this will avoid that happening, the clean up costs, and the congestion that causes.

“All in all these improvements will make the roads safer. They’ll also reduce congestion and they just show the council’s commitment overall to improving the road Network for motorists scientists and pedestrians”.

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