National Apprenticeship Week 2023 – Why You Should Consider An Apprenticeship

Hull Training and Adult Education hosted a ‘Meet The Employers’ event at Hull Central Library last week for National Apprenticeship Week 2023. The event brings together potential apprentices and local businesses.

We spoke to Carol and Theo, both former apprentices, about why you should consider an apprenticeship.

Carol Hull Training and Adult Education said; “The fantastic thing about apprenticeships is that they’re open to any age. So, from 16 to 65 you can do an apprenticeship and upskill within your own company”.

“I’m an ex-apprentice myself, I did the team leading apprenticeship as part of my role. So it’s for any sector, you can do degree apprenticeships, you can do apprenticeships from leaving school. It covers nearly every single industry across that you can think of – there’s usually an apprenticeship that fits”.

“If you was interested in pursuing an apprenticeship you need to be looking on the national apprenticeship website, it’s a government website.”

“Look on our website, the Hull Training and Adult Education website where our vacancies are. Come along to our open events, we have them advertised on our website and on our social media. Give us a ring, email us and we’re open to discussing apprenticeship opportunities with anybody”.

Theo Farrer, a former apprentice said; “I wanted to do an apprenticeship because I still wanted to learn and get a qualification. But I wanted to enter the world of work”.

“Just go for it, even if you’re unsure. If you still want to get a qualification then keep studying or you want to work full time I’d say just go for it”.

“At the end of it you’ll have a qualification. You’ll have those transferable skills that you can take into another job or into another apprenticeship”.

Discover more about National Apprenticeship Week by visiting the official website.