Meet the 110th Lord Mayor of Kingston upon Hull

The new Lord Mayor of Kingston upon Hull and Admiral of the Humber has been confirmed. Councillor Kalvin Neal was installed at a ceremony at the Guildhall last week.

Elected at a Full Council meeting on Thursday 18 May, Councillor Neal will serve as the city’s Lord Mayor for the 2023/2024 mayoral year.

Speaking for the first time last week, the new Lord Mayor said: “The installation was done today. A magnificent event with family, friends and colleagues in the council chamber.”

“One of the things I’m going to look forward to this year is the work for the charities. My own two Charities, which is Dove House Hospice, but also Hull for Heroes.”

“Working with the hard to reach communities within Hull, trying to make sure we’ll go out and reach out to them.”

“And also thanking the council staff for the work that they do. To try and get out into different service areas. To say thank you to the staff which I think is important, we need to make sure people do feel valued and appreciated.”

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