Councillor Pritchard on Hull Refugee Week 2023

Hull Refugee Week 2023 is happening on 19 – 23 June 2023. The annual event celebrates the contributions, creativity and resilience of refugees and people seeking sanctuary, with events scheduled across the city.

Speaking about Hull Refugee Week 2023, Councillor Pritchard said;

“I think for Refugee Week it’s really important we take time, every year, just to stop, pause and think about actually the refugees that have been displaced from their homelands and come to our beautiful city.”

“But also, why are they here? What are their stories?”

“Why have they sought to leave their homes and look to live elsewhere, whether it’s persecution, wars, or whatever it is that has made them leave their homes. It’s part of our DNA, from Wilberforce right through to the current day, like with the VHEY Volunteers.”

“As part of their programme they actively seek out refugees that have come to our city, and actually get them involved so they feel part of our city. To feel like they can contribute in a meaningful way.”

Visit the official Facebook page for Hull Refugee Week 2023 to find out more.