Celebrating 250 years of Amazing Grace

A new exhibition commemorating 250 years of ‘Amazing Grace’ is now on display at Wilberforce House Museum with Hull Maritime.

The exhibition will tell the story of former slave ship captain, John Newton, the writer and composer of Amazing Grace.

Speaking at the exhibition opening, Councillor Rob Pritchard (Hull City Council Portfolio Holder for Culture & Leisure) said:

“This exhibition is celebrating the 250th anniversary of the writing of the hymn, Amazing Grace.

“The exhibition has a recording of local people singing the song. There’s also the story of John Newton and how that affected the abolition.

“These things should be remembered because if we understand our history, it can help inform our future.

“We quite often think that the slave trade is a thing of the past, but there are more people in slavery today than there has been over the years.

“I love Amazing Grace because it’s a hymn about redemption and forgiveness. We all need that in our lives, and that’s why 250 years from it being written it’s still remembered.

“It has such an effect because it is that need for redemption and that people’s faith and needs something to engage with to improve their lives.”

Watch the video commissioned film of the hymn from Hull Maritime on YouTube.