Albert Avenue Pools and Fitness Reopens

Albert Avenue Pools and Fitness has reopened following extensive investment and transformation works. The facility includes a new outdoor lido and splash pad, as well as a fitness gym and class studio.

Speaking at the opening, Councillor Rob Pritchard (Portfolio Holder for Culture & Leisure) said:

“It’s the public’s first opportunity to have a look at these phenomenal facilities. An £11 million investment from the council is for the pool, the outside lido has been extended and now has a heating system in it.

“Within the leisure centre itself there’s been an extension and that’s got in two parts as a leisure centre, a gym that’s got all the equipment in and then there’s the gym for classes.

“These are great facilities. There is a need for people to see what is on their doorstep, to get involved, get fit and improve their health as well.

“Even if you just come once and be a bit nosy to say actually, I remember last time I came was with school. Come and see how it was probably and actually get involved.”

 James Prest (Project manager, Esteem Hull) said:

“It’s quite bittersweet really, this has been our baby for the past couple of years.

“There’s been a massive effort from the major projects team at Hull City council, Hull Esteem, Hobson & Porter and also the local supply chain.

“It’s been a tough challenge working in the confinements of a building that you’ve already got here.

It’s not a brand-new build where you can change things. You’ve got the space that you’re working with, which is logistically difficult.

“But what we can see here, it’s the fruit of our labour.”

Kev Harrison & Wayne Cropp (Hobson & Porter) said:

“We started in February last year, the main building itself was originally opened in 1920.

“A lot of the original features there have been covered up over the years. But it’s turned out a fantastic facility really.

“The lido itself was a completely new filtration system as it was at Beverley Road, but with Beverley Road it was fully renewed as it is here.

“We had the addition of the third pole, and that’s got a state-of-the-art filtration system which was a challenge.

“It’s a fantastic facility now with all three pools, the Lido, the new gymnasium, the fitness suites upstairs. There’s so much to get involved with the local community going to love it.

“I learnt to swim here. I’ve trained with Jack Hales brought a lot of memories back for me – it’s great to get involved again.”

Learn more about Albert Avenue pools & Fitness here.