Some of the waste that had accumulated on-site.
Some of the waste that had accumulated on-site.

Occupier of rented Hull property prosecuted for untidy land 

Hull City Council is urging property owners and occupiers to maintain the cleanliness of their land, after an environmental prosecution that resulted in fines and costs totalling over £1k.  

An occupier of a property in Hull has been prosecuted by Hull City Council for failing to deal with the condition of a rented property, which was causing a statutory nuisance due to the presence of waste accumulated on site.  

Action was taken by Hull City Council’s environmental enforcement officers, in response to complaints from members of the public.    

On hearing evidence, Hull Magistrates Court prosecuted the property occupier, Miss Charlotte Louise Rokahr of Axminster Close, Hull, in her absence to the offence, in contravention of section 80 Environmental Protection Act 1990, resulting in fines and costs totalling £1,494.  

Councillor Julia Conner, Portfolio Holder for Environment, said: “As a council, we will always listen and respond to complaints from the public about environmental crimes.   

“Property owners and occupiers must take responsibility for any waste on their land, as it can blight the neighbourhood. It is unfair on other residents and the council will ensure there are consequences for failure to do so.”   

Hull City Council continues to recommend that residents dispose or recycle their household waste through approved services – including any of the recycling centres throughout the city, household collection schemes and bulky household collection service.  

For further information about the Household Waste and Recycling sites visit the Hull City Council website

The Council also urges anyone using non-council services to collect and remove waste, to check that the persons are authorised to do so.  

To check if a person is authorised to take waste, visit the Environment Agency or call 03708 506 506   

To report untidy land, call 01482 300 300. 

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