Residents are being advised to take extra care with wheelie bin storage around Bonfire Night.

How to protect your bin from arson attack on Bonfire Night

Hull residents are being warned that Bonfire Night brings increased risk of theft and arson.

Hull City Council is working with Humberside Fire and Rescue Service to promote wheelie bin safety and help prevent such incidents.

Wheelie bins left out for prolonged periods between collection dates are at increased risk.

To help identify these bins, tags will be applied to bins left out for prolonged periods. The tag provides information on how to protect bins and provides contact details for those with concerns about arson and antisocial behaviour.

A wheelie bin risk tag

Tags will be applied to wheelie bins left out for prolonged periods.

Councillor Anita Harrison, portfolio holder for Streetscene, said: ‘’During Bonfire Night, there is a well-known problem of increased theft and arson attacks of resident’s wheelie bins. We are urging all residents to take extra care to protect their bins during this period.

“Bonfire Night should be fun for all the family and some simple steps can help to avoid unnecessary worry during this period.”

To help prevent theft and arson attacks, residents should:

  • Store bins safely within the boundary of your property, especially at night
  • Avoid blocking doorways and placing bins under windows
  • Put bins out at 7am on collection days and return them as soon as possible
  • Avoid overfilling bins and leaving loose bagged rubbish around them.
A melted black bin

Wheelie bins left out for prolonged periods between collection dates are at increased risk.

Residents who have old items such as beds, mattresses, wardrobes, tables and chairs should not leave them at the front of properties as they can also present a potential fire risk.

Bulky item collections can be arranged by calling Hull City Council on 01482 300300 or emailing

Those who are victims of deliberate fires can send information and photos by text message or WhatsApp to 07940 737141.

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