a photo taken from the back of a busy room, showing groups of people seated at round tables, talking to each other
a break-out session during this week's meeting

Community leaders pledge to tackle cost of living together at crucial meeting

Community leaders from more than 30 organisations right across the city have taken part in a crucial meeting to identify ways to tackle the cost of living emergency. The Council, charity groups businesses and others met and pledged to tackle the ongoing cost of living crisis as one team. 

Council leader, Cllr Mike Ross, proposed that the meeting should take place, so that many of the groups who will be playing a leading role in the local cost of living response could come together.

It follows the approval of a significant range of actions earlier this week by Hull City Council to help with the cost of living emergency, which the council declared over the summer. 

Cllr Ross and Alison Patey, of the council’s Public Health team, briefed attendees on the Hull Together campaign, launched by the council last week, which aims to bring the city together to help residents through the crisis. 

The summit will be part of an ongoing programme of collaboration between partner organisations across the city.

Cllr Mike Ross said: “The council has set out that the cost of living emergency is a major priority for the Hull. The organisations who met will be playing a colossal role in helping Hull residents through the cost of living crisis. 

“With rising prices hitting local residents hard, it is to both the council and the groups in the room they will turn to for help. It is absolutely vital we have a collective response to this crisis, one that sees a strong partnership ready for the challenge ahead.

“On Monday, the Council’s Cabinet voted through a major local cost of living rescue package. Given current events its more needed than ever before. That’s why it’s so important that we brought these organisations around the table so we can fight the crisis together. 

“Locally we understand we can’t solve what is happening, only the UK Government can do that but the organisations working tirelessly across Hull are already playing a colossal role in helping residents through the cost of living crisis”.

As well as Cllr Mike Ross, those present included representatives from the NHS, Hull Health and Care Partnership, the DWP, CAB, Hull University, faith groups, food providers, services for young people, and many other organisations that all provide vital help.

The event saw those present set out what work they are already doing, the challenges they face and plan how they could work together to get more done for the residents of Hull. There was a clear commitment from the voluntary and community sector and the council to work in partnership on a local response to the crisis.  

An in-depth look at the issues identified by Hull and East Riding Citizens Advice Bureau (CAB) was presented by Andy Coish, the organisation’s Head of Partnership Projects, while Helen Grimwood of Hull CVS outlined challenges faced by the voluntary sector itself.

On Monday of this week, the Council’s Cabinet agreed a raft of measures including £15 per week food vouchers during school holidays for people who usually receive free school meals (FSM), a £25,000 boost to local food banks, to help improve local food networks, a £25,000 fund to help create warm spaces – local businesses will be able to apply for funds to create spaces – and much more. Get full details here: https://www.hullccnews.co.uk/21/09/2022/cost-of-living-crisis-hull-city-council-sets-out-significant-package-of-support/

Get full details on the support package and support hub here: https://www.hullccnews.co.uk/21/09/2022/cost-of-living-crisis-hull-city-council-sets-out-significant-package-of-support/