People observing the weekly Clap For Our Carers have been urged to maintain social distancing.

Clap for carers safely, public urged

Health bosses have urged those observing the weekly Clap For Our Carers to maintain social distancing.

People in Hull have embraced the gesture, which happens nationally every Thursday at 8pm.

Clapping, car horns, drums, trumpets and saucepans have all been co-opted to raise a din and demonstrate appreciation for the frontline workers continuing to deliver care throughout the coronavirus pandemic.

But people have been reminded not to gather together for the occasion and to stay at home, clapping or making a noise from windows, doors and driveways.

“It’s really heartwarming to see the fantastic enthusiasm for showing NHS staff and other frontline workers how much we appreciate them,” said Julia Weldon, director of Public Health at Hull City Council.

“But it’s crucial that we don’t put them, ourselves or anyone else in the community at greater risk in order to do so.

“Please don’t leave your homes to take part in Clap For Our Carers. Don’t meet up with others. Any display of gratitude which breaches social distancing advice completely undermines the most important thing we can do to support our NHS right now, which is to save lives by staying at home. That’s the best way we can all show our gratitude.”

A Hull University Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust spokesperson said: “We are really appreciative of the effort people are making to acknowledge our staff and key workers. However, we must stress that this isn’t a hospital organised event. We would like everyone to observe the strict guidance about staying at home to protect the NHS and save lives.

“People should only be leaving their homes to shop for basic necessities, to exercise, for medical need and to travel to work. If members of the public happen to be at the hospital for treatment when the Clap For Our Carers takes place then they must observe strict social distancing and stand two metres apart from others. This is the best way to show your support to our staff.”

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