Roadworks have been taking place across the city.

Summer survey reveals how people really feel about transport in Hull

Hull residents say that improving or increasing use of greener forms of transport are amongst the most effective ways of reducing traffic issues in the city.

In July, Hull City Council’s People’s Panel launched the first phase of a transport survey in a bid to understand people’s views on their concerns, barriers and opportunities to improving transport in the city.

And 93 per cent of those who took part in the survey stated that by making it easier to walk, cycle and use public transport is the most effective way to encourage people to use an alternative method of transport to a car, rather than making it more difficult to use a car.

Councillor Dean Kirk, portfolio holder for transportation, roads and highways, said: “Hull’s transport network has been transforming rapidly over the last few years, and this was an opportunity for the local authority to engage with the travelling public to understand how they feel about these changes.

“What’s particularly encouraging about these figures is that we are already trying to improve the offer of alternative forms of transport, but in order for this to be successful we need people to start changing their behaviour.

“The results highlighted a number of issues which will inform how we plan, develop and deliver the future of transport in the city.”

Results of the first transport survey also showed that congestion on Hull’s roads is a concern for motorists, with over three quarters of respondents believing it is due to roadworks and over half say the issues are the result of too many cycle lanes on the roads, whilst a third say it is because people are choosing to travel by private car when there are other transport alternatives.

The feedback also gave us a good indication on how people choose to travel in Hull, with figures showing that on a weekly basis driving is the most popular form of transport with 78 per cent of motorists choosing to drive, followed by 74 per cent of those who walk, 18 per cent who cycle and 18 per cent who use public transport.

Councillor Kirk said: “However, the results show that many people would prefer to cycle, walk or use public transport for a number of their regular journeys – going to work or college, visiting friends, or their GP and going shopping so we are confident that the changes we are making are definitely the right ones.”

The full results including a breakdown can be accessed here.

Hull City Council’s People’s Panel has also launched the second stage of its ongoing transport survey, and is now asking people to share information on how far they travel, the routes they prefer to use and what would support them to walk and cycle more.

The second phase will form part of a wider engagement project designed to help plan the future of transport and roads in Hull.

Access the People’s Panel survey on the Hull City Council website or email or text panel to 07795 563 000.