The Guildhall in Hull, with Charles Wilson statue in the foreground
The Guildhall in Hull. (Picture: 43 Clicks North on Unplash)

Cabinet approves highway improvement scheme for Middlesex Road 

Hull City Council’s Cabinet has given the green light to the proposed Middlesex Road highway improvement scheme. 

The approved scheme will be funded and implemented in conjunction with the Ings affordable housing development. By synchronising the two projects, the council aims to maximise efficiency and minimise disruption for residents and road users. 

The highway improvement scheme will involve reconstructing the surface of the highway on Middlesex Road that has deteriorated, to enhance safety for road users. 

The scheme will also widen the width of the carriageway in specific locations, enhancing route alignment. Additionally, it will reconfigure bus stop placements and align existing traffic calming measures with the housing development. 

Amendments were also approved to reconfigure the junctions at each end of Middlesex Road to improve general access, especially for buses. 

Ruth Stephenson, head of highways, transport strategy, and design at Hull City Council, said: “We are delighted that this scheme has been approved by Cabinet, as it is a crucial step towards a more efficient and safer road network. 

“Our main goal is to create a seamless transition between the new housing development and Middlesex Road. By coordinating these efforts, we can ensure that the best scheme is delivered for residents.” 

The scheme will be part funded by the council with the housing developer delivering the reconfigured traffic calming measures. 

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